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Giannone Organic Chicken Box

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Giannone Organic Chicken Box
Giannone Organic Chicken Box

Curated Sampler of Gianonne Chicken


1 box


All Giannone Farm chickens are chilled in an exclusive air-chilling process with no water added. This ultra-modern system is greatly superior to the regular water-based method. Air-chilled chicken conserves the meat's natural juices, preserving also its precious enzymes and proteins. Eliminating water from the process reduces bacterial contamination and significantly extends the product's shelf life. Giannone is not USDA certified since they are based out of Canada and actually have highly stringent certifications, including HACCP/SQF Level 2 which have higher standards than the USDA.

Each box Includes:

1 Whole Chicken

1 pack of Chicken Breast

1 pack of Chicken Thighs

1 pack of Chicken Drumsticks OR Chicken Tenders

1 pack of Ground Organic Chicken

1 pack of Organic Chicken Sausage


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