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Local Pig Trotter/Feet

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Local Pig Trotter/Feet
Local Pig Trotter/Feet

Whole Trotter

Whole Trotter

1 ea


Smoke it, braise it, make ramen broth from it - the local pig trotters are an excellent addition to your culinary adventures.

Pig trotters have a gelatinous texture due to the high collagen content in the connective tissues and skin. 

Pig trotters are used in various cuisines around the world. They are particularly popular in dishes like pigs' feet soup, pata tim (a Filipino braised pork dish), jokbal (a Korean dish of braised pig trotters), and many more.

Sold by the each. Our pork is from VT. The breed is %100 Berkshire

NOTE: Should we sell out of our local VT pork, we will substitute with our organic, heritage breed pork. 


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