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Bob's Local Turkey

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Bob's Local Turkey
Bob's Local Turkey

14-16 lbs

7 left

14-16 lbs

1 ea


Bob’s Turkeys are local from Lancaster, MA, and are raised on a natural, antibiotic-free diet. They are flavorful and tender— a perfect centerpiece for your holiday feast!

Please choose your preferred turkey size range and we will do our best to reserve a turkey at or closest to the weight you requested.

Exact weights are not guaranteed due to our turkeys being naturally grown birds. There may be a 2 lb fluctuation outside the range you chose.

$10.00 per pound

The final price will be adjusted during fulfillment or pickup time to ensure an accurate charge based on the final weight.

Giblets and neck ARE included.

The bird may be frozen depending on availability of the framer.


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