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Pre-orders begin September 18th and the last day to pre-order is October 8th, 2023, at 11:59 PM.


We will have whole and half turkeys. Kosher turkeys available upon request (limited supply)

Portion Planning:

Recommend 2 lbs. per person to account for large carcasses, wings, etc.

Bob’s Turkeys                                

Grown 2 hours away in MA, free-range.

Bob’s Turkey Farm is a family-owned and operated business in Lancaster. This turkey is a Broad Breasted White Turkey originating from Andover, MA. They breed, raise, and slaughter all of their own turkeys in Lancaster, MA. All of the turkeys are fed a well-balanced grain diet of corn and soybean. They use an anti-biotic free preventative feed while the turkeys are babies. This gives the birds a healthy start before they transition to natural nutrients. Birds are grown in barns and outdoor pens, free to move around as they wish. 20-24 weeks old. As the name suggests, there is a lot of white meat, with a decent amount of dark meat.

Other Birds:

Capon, Goose, Guinea Hens, Quail (Semi-boned 6pk), Partridge, Squab, Long Island Ducks, Moulard Ducks


Bob’s gravy, house made cranberry sauce, and our poultry brine kit.

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