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Haggis (1-lb each)

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Haggis (1-lb each)
Haggis (1-lb each)

in synthetic casing, click for reheat instructions

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Haggis Reheating Instructions

Your haggis is already fully cooked- if thawed, haggis is fine in the fridge for up 10 days.

Remove the outer plastic package with the label- NOT the casing. Wrap haggis-in-casing in aluminum foil and place in a loaf tin. Add one inch of water and over the tin with foil to create a steam bath.

DO NOT let the water evaporate. refill if needed and roll the haggis over in the pan after 30 minutes. The haggis will take about 45 min to reheat if thawed, or 60 minutes if reheating frozen.


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