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Tenderloin, Chateaubriand (center cut, untied)

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Tenderloin, Chateaubriand (center cut, untied)
Tenderloin, Chateaubriand (center cut, untied)



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Chateaubriand is a specific cut of beef that is taken from the tenderloin, which is the most tender. Ideal cut for beef Wellington (this is not a perfect cylinder) $64.25/lb

It pairs well with rich and flavorful sauces like Béarnaise or red wine reduction. If you are ordering more than two pounds, the roast maybe two pieces.

The roast will not be tied.

Our meat can be used for raw dishes like meat tartare, but there are risks such as bacteria and foodborne illness. Anyone with a compromised immune system, very young, very old, or pregnant should avoid it. Store the meat properly and follow food safety guidelines to minimize the risk of contamination.


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