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Dry-Aged Porterhouse

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Dry-Aged Porterhouse
Dry-Aged Porterhouse

1.5 Inch Thick

1.5 Inch Thick

1 ea


Aged a minimum of 35 days

The price is estimated and will be updated during fulfillment.

Nutty, flavorful, and incredibly tender. Our dry-aging process brings the already Prime-grade beef to a whole other level.

Please select your desired thickness. Due to the water weight loss, it's difficult to accurately predict the weight. Typically, an inch thick is a good portion per person for a meal and can be shared with two people for a smaller tasting.

Don't worry, once your steak is cut, we will adjust your final, most accurate pricing. You will see the final pricing reflected on your receipt.

About the Dry Age Process

Dry-aging is a process that is temperature- and moisture-controlled, allowing the meat to achieve a concentration and saturation of flavor. During the process, natural enzymes break down connective tissues in the muscles, making the meat super tender. Prime beef + dry aging? That’s what heaven tastes like.


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